At this stage I only care about Frankie, Zach and Donny.  Everyone else can kick rocks.

Me too I can’t let go of Frankie hate him game wise love him as a person

Aug 20

Alot of Zach Stan’s are delusional and forget all of the shitty things he has said about other houseguest yes I understand that Frankie, Christine, Cody etc… have all said horrible things and guess what your favorite is not exempt so stop attacking them they have been locked in a house for God knows how long and have gone slightly insane whats your excuse

Aug 19
I Don’t Want to be rude but

After mocking Cody & Cristine…
I am slightly ashamed of myself

Aug 14
Caleb is becoming me favorite
Aug 9
Why so bitter bitch?


Aug 9
I honestly don’t care about Zach”s Feelings

Like everyone is so fucking flip floppy

Aug 9
I’m over this season of Big Brother
Aug 7

Zach is staying

Aug 7
God Is Real

I still hate them… but im proud

Aug 7
Literally so proud of Cody & Derrick


christine heard everything about los tres amigos so i hope she puts the pieces together and realizes derrick and cody are working behind zachs back then blows up cody and derrick aka the only good thing she would probably do this season


Hoping and Praying she does something

Aug 6