Like SHUT UP!!!!!

Jul 28
I honestly can’t with Caleb
Jul 28
Caleb is infuriating

Like stop flip-flopping. You want to keep Amber my ass. I just hate him

Jul 28
Caleb is such an idiot


Jul 28
Hayden Covering Frankies Ass


I don’t care what your opinion on Frankie is but let’s be real he is the smoothest talker in the house and can literally get himself out of any problem and come out of any shit hole smelling like a rose. That’s called playing a good game imo.


Jul 28

But I love him so much it’s not even funny. Literally love of my life.

Jul 28
I know everyone hates Frankie

I hate Caleb so much

Jul 28

"He doesn’t have the balls to put Caleb up."


Cody on Frankie.

Pot, meet kettle.

(via lordrance)

Jul 27


"Frankie doesn’t have the balls to put up Caleb"



You bitch made frootloop dingus wasted player potential bitch

Jul 27

"Frankie doesn’t have the balls to put Caleb up. I knew he wouldn’t fucking do it. It pisses me off."

- Cody AKA the guy who put trustworthy Donny up over Caleb who fucked up him over. (via bxbyi)

Jul 27